7 Things To Expect On A Luxury Cruise

Nothing can be better than being on a luxury cruise on your holiday. it is nothing like the ordinary cruises. You should be prepared to indulge yourself in a pool of luxuries when you get onboard. On a luxury cruise, you should expect the following things.

Great interior decoration

You will be enthralled seeing the interior decoration of a luxury cruise ship. Everything will be shiny and the interiors are usually designed by famous interior designers. The furniture, walls, etc. will be of the top quality. There will be crystal chandeliers, paintings of famous artists and flower decorations all over the place.


Unlike the normal cruise ships, a luxury cruise ship is spacious. They have a hight space-to-passenger ratio. That means, the ship will never be crowded and you won’t have to compete to get a seat on the deck or lounge.

Personalized service

In a luxury cruise ship, there will be bartenders for certain cabins. There will be more people to serve you. Before you get onboard, the crews on the ship will know your names. The crews will stop to ask you whether you are having a good time or whether there is any problem. They will know what you like and dislike so that they can serve you food accordingly. If you are celebrating your anniversary or any other special occasion on the ship then they will ensure that you have a great time. You may get surprised treats or gifts.

Dress code

In the past, it was necessary to wear formal outfits like tuxedo or gown in the dining room of luxury cruise. But now the dress code is much relaxed. However, you are expected to wear designer and fashionable clothes all the time.


You will find lots of surprising things to pamper you on your cabin. You will get choice of pillows, branded toiletries, a bar setup, and lots more. You can even expect a pack of the finest Belgian chocolate on your cabin.


The restaurant will have various kinds of menus to choose from. You will be able to pick your favorite dish and drink anytime. If requested, the chef may also cook an item especially for you.


There will be lots of entertainment on your luxury tour. There will be musical nights, poolside games, golf and other sports, fitness classes, craft workshops, movie screenings, etc. This way you will never get bored.

On a luxury cruise, you will feel like you are on the top of the world. The crews of the ship will take care of you all the time and make sure that you have a remarkable experience.

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