7 Tips For Your Ice Fishing Adventure

Ice fishing has become a very popular sport now. Despite the cold weather, people from all over the world go for ice fishing. Technological advancement has made ice fishing easier. If you want to go for ice fishing, here are some tips that can be helpful.

Get the right gears

First of all, you need to obtain a fishing license. The license fee varies from state to state. You need to do some online research to find out the license fee for the state you are going to. Then you need to have the right gear for ice fishing. The fishing rod used in ice fishing is a bit different. So, buy a fishing rod that is ideal for ice fishing. You need an auger to drill holes in the ice. You also need fish hooks, bucket, scoop, bait, bait bucket, sled, pliers, etc.

Wear proper clothes

You need to feel comfortable and safe before you go for ice fishing. You should wear layers of clothes to protect yourself from the cold weather. You should wear the proper boots to walk on ice.

Be careful about the thin ice

You should be careful that you don’t step into a thin ice. If the ice breaks, you may get hurt. So, you should study the ice in your fishing area before digging the fishing hole. You should avoid driving on ice.

Ice houses

Sometimes you may need to wait for hours or days to catch fishes. In such case, you can take shelter on the ice houses. These are lightweight and you can move it to places you need them just like an RV. The houses have a bed, kitchenette and other facilities.

Buy fresh baits

Don’t use old baits; they may become rotten and your fish may not be attracted to it. You should buy fresh baits from the local bait shops. You will find various baits in the shop and you can ask the shopkeeper to give you the appropriate baits.

Move with the pack

If you are not very experienced in ice fishing, you should find a group of anglers and join them. That way, you will be safe and will be able to learn many things about ice fishing.

Take flashers

You should use flashers to catch more fish. This device can find out the exact location of your fish and let you know the depth where you can find it. This is a better technique than digging a hole and wait for hours for the fish to come.

Ice fishing is now a lot safer than it was before. Technological advancement has made ice fishing easier. You should find a suitable ice fishing spot and get all geared up for the great adventure.

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