7 Tips For Your Ice Fishing Adventure

Ice fishing has become a very popular sport now. Despite the cold weather, people from all over the world go for ice fishing. Technological advancement has made ice fishing easier. If you want to go for ice fishing, here are some tips that can be helpful.

Get the right gears

First of all, you need to obtain a fishing license. The license fee varies from state to state. You need to do some online research to find out the license fee for the state you are going to. Then you need to have the right gear for ice fishing. The fishing rod used in ice fishing is a bit different. So, buy a fishing rod that is ideal for ice fishing. You need an auger to drill holes in the ice. You also need fish hooks, bucket, scoop, bait, bait bucket, sled, pliers, etc.

Wear proper clothes

You need to feel comfortable and safe before you go for ice fishing. You should wear layers of clothes to protect yourself from the cold weather. You should wear the proper boots to walk on ice.

Be careful about the thin ice

You should be careful that you don’t step into a thin ice. If the ice breaks, you may get hurt. So, you should study the ice in your fishing area before digging the fishing hole. You should avoid driving on ice.

Ice houses

Sometimes you may need to wait for hours or days to catch fishes. In such case, you can take shelter on the ice houses. These are lightweight and you can move it to places you need them just like an RV. The houses have a bed, kitchenette and other facilities.

Buy fresh baits

Don’t use old baits; they may become rotten and your fish may not be attracted to it. You should buy fresh baits from the local bait shops. You will find various baits in the shop and you can ask the shopkeeper to give you the appropriate baits.

Move with the pack

If you are not very experienced in ice fishing, you should find a group of anglers and join them. That way, you will be safe and will be able to learn many things about ice fishing.

Take flashers

You should use flashers to catch more fish. This device can find out the exact location of your fish and let you know the depth where you can find it. This is a better technique than digging a hole and wait for hours for the fish to come.

Ice fishing is now a lot safer than it was before. Technological advancement has made ice fishing easier. You should find a suitable ice fishing spot and get all geared up for the great adventure.

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Top 5 Fishing Destinations In The World

Fishing is a great sport that needs dedication and patience. Fishing can make your holiday more fun. There are many great fishing spots around the world. Some spots are best for certain types of fish. Here are the top fishing destinations in the world.

Umba River, Russia

It is a very scenic place and a heaven for fishing. Here, the cost of fishing is low and that’s why you will find many anglers during the peak fishing seasons from May to October. Though the place is covered with snow in winter, in spring it becomes a place for catching salmon. You can catch some of the finest Atlantic salmon from here. The place is a bit isolated that can sometimes discourage the anglers from visiting this place.

Cairns, Australia

The giant black marlin is a rare species and you can get it in plenty in Cairns, Australia. It can weigh about 750kg and swim at a speed of 130 km/hr. Cairns is the best place to catch this fish. The best season for fishing here is from September to December.

Southern USA

If you want to experience handfishing, you should go to Southern USA. In order to catch catfish here, you need to get your hand in an underwater hole and wait for the catfish to bite you. Then you should pull the fish to the surface with all your power. One drawback of handfishing is that you may not be able to pull back your hand on time and so get bitten by the catfish. Hand fishing has been a tradition in many southern states. The best seasons for hand fishing here is from May to August.

The Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego

The meaning of ‘Tierra del Fuego’ is ‘Land of Fire’. It is a great place for fly-fishers. You can get lots of brown trouts here. The minimum weight of these trouts is 4kg. Though this place is hard to reach, if you want to catch brown trout, you must visit this place.

Brainerd, USA

Ice fishing is adventurous and if you want to get the experience of it, you should head to Brainerd, USA. It is the best place for ice fishing. Competitions occur here every year and the organizers pre-drill thousands of holes for the participants.

It is necessary to find a good spot for fishing. However, it’s worthless if you don’t know the proper fishing techniques. You should buy the finest fishing equipment and learn the techniques in order to have the best fishing experience.

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7 Things To Expect On A Luxury Cruise

Nothing can be better than being on a luxury cruise on your holiday. it is nothing like the ordinary cruises. You should be prepared to indulge yourself in a pool of luxuries when you get onboard. On a luxury cruise, you should expect the following things.

Great interior decoration

You will be enthralled seeing the interior decoration of a luxury cruise ship. Everything will be shiny and the interiors are usually designed by famous interior designers. The furniture, walls, etc. will be of the top quality. There will be crystal chandeliers, paintings of famous artists and flower decorations all over the place.


Unlike the normal cruise ships, a luxury cruise ship is spacious. They have a hight space-to-passenger ratio. That means, the ship will never be crowded and you won’t have to compete to get a seat on the deck or lounge.

Personalized service

In a luxury cruise ship, there will be bartenders for certain cabins. There will be more people to serve you. Before you get onboard, the crews on the ship will know your names. The crews will stop to ask you whether you are having a good time or whether there is any problem. They will know what you like and dislike so that they can serve you food accordingly. If you are celebrating your anniversary or any other special occasion on the ship then they will ensure that you have a great time. You may get surprised treats or gifts.

Dress code

In the past, it was necessary to wear formal outfits like tuxedo or gown in the dining room of luxury cruise. But now the dress code is much relaxed. However, you are expected to wear designer and fashionable clothes all the time.


You will find lots of surprising things to pamper you on your cabin. You will get choice of pillows, branded toiletries, a bar setup, and lots more. You can even expect a pack of the finest Belgian chocolate on your cabin.


The restaurant will have various kinds of menus to choose from. You will be able to pick your favorite dish and drink anytime. If requested, the chef may also cook an item especially for you.


There will be lots of entertainment on your luxury tour. There will be musical nights, poolside games, golf and other sports, fitness classes, craft workshops, movie screenings, etc. This way you will never get bored.

On a luxury cruise, you will feel like you are on the top of the world. The crews of the ship will take care of you all the time and make sure that you have a remarkable experience.

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5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is Essential

If you think that travel insurance is a burden for you before you travel somewhere, then you are wrong. It’s something that you should never skip. When you go to a foreign country you may be faced with unexpected occurrences. Your travel insurance will support you in those cases. Here are some of the reasons why travel insurance is essential.

Paying medical bills

You or your family member can fall ill during vacation. In a foreign land, the medical expenses can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. The cost of treatment may become unmanageable. If you have travel insurance, it will cover most of your expenses.

Baggage claim

It is a common incident that people don’t get their baggage on time. Sometimes, the baggage may be misplaced or lost totally. In such cases, you need to claim for the baggage. If you lose your baggage, your travel insurance will provide you compensation. If you need to buy anything essential like clothes, toiletries, etc. for not getting the baggage on time, you can get the money reimbursed from your travel insurance company.

Cancel or delay the travel plan

Many people today plan their holidays several months before in order to get the best deal on airlines or hotels. Sometimes, unexpected events may occur and you may have to cancel your holiday plan. In such case, if you have a travel insurance you can get some refund of your money that you paid for airlines and hotel. You might have connecting flights or ticket to a river cruise. But if your initial flight is delayed for some reason, you may not be able to catch your connecting flight or go on the river cruise. Your travel insurance can give you compensation for such incidents.

Personal liability

Many people rent a car after they go to a different country. Accidentally, if you hit other car or if you damage a property or hurt someone any other way, then your travel insurance will protect you.

Home burglary

While you are away, a burglar may enter your home and take away your belongings. If you have travel insurance, you will get compensation for this type of incident.

Before you purchase a travel insurance you should read all the terms and conditions so that you can get the proper cover. Many people think that it’s a waste of money. But in reality, travel insurance can save you from many unexpected circumstances. You can save a lot of money by purchasing a travel expense before you travel outside the country.

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6 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Holiday Destination

Some people want to travel to every part of the world; whereas, there are others who don’t have any idea where they want to go.  People usually plan on a vacation every year. Deciding where to go can be difficult with so many options available. If you are among those confused people who don’t know where to go on vacation, then here are some tips for you.

Decide on your budget

You must first decide how much you can afford to spend on your vacation. Depending on your budget, you will choose your destination. It can be expensive to go to certain destinations. If your budget is low then you need to search for destinations that have cheap airfare. Your budget will also determine whether you will stay in an expensive hotel or a shared accommodation.

Decide which climate you like

You should go to a place where the weather is comfortable for you. If you don’t like cold then you should avoid the colder regions. You should check weather forecasts to find out if any major storm or other natural disasters are underway.   If it rains all day at the place you are visiting then you won’t have a good vacation.

Decide the type of holiday

Do you want to relax or try different activities during your holiday? Some people simply want to escape from city life and relax in a quiet environment. However, there are others who like to try out adventurous activities like hiking, surfing, diving, skiing, etc. You should choose your destination accordingly.  You can decide whether you want to see mountains, beaches or architectural ruins.

Who is traveling with you

If you are traveling with your family then you should choose a destination where there are many activities for the children. If you are going with your loved one, then you will prefer the beach or a quiet place to relax. When you travel alone, you can go to exotic places and try out different adventures.

Take advantage of advance deals

You should plan ahead when you travel. That way you will be able to get different rewards like the frequent flyer program or discounts in hotels, etc.


You should choose the timing of your vacation carefully. Some people prefer off-seasons during which you can get good discounts on airline tickets and hotels. Others prefer the crowd and they go during the holiday season. You can be part of various festivals if you travel during peak season.

All these factors will help you to choose your perfect holiday destination. By planning ahead, you will be able to have the holiday of a lifetime. You should choose your holiday destination carefully to make it a memorable experience.

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6 Things You Should Buy When Visiting Dubai

Dubai is known as the ultimate shopping destination. With high-end shopping malls to the small designer stores, you will find everything you need here. Many people come here every year just for shopping. Here are some of the things you should buy when you visit Dubai – and don’t forget to hire a luxury car from a reputable agency like http://www.apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/united-arab-emirates/city-of-dubai/

Dried fruits

Dates are dry fruits and these are part of the Middle Eastern culture. People have this during Ramadan and other times of the year. These are great as gifts. The dates are very nutritious as they contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. It is said to boost energy. You can get more than 20 varieties of dates in the market. Some of the most popular ones are Sokari, Khidri, Kholas, etc. Almonds and hazelnuts are also a popular choice among tourists.

Persian carpets and rugs

These are very expensive, but very exclusive as well. You won’t find these anywhere else. You can also get affordable carpets. Some shops will specially make a carpet for you if you want. These are considered as an investment.

Fragrances and oils

You will find some unique perfumes in Dubai. ‘Oudh’ and ‘bakhoor’ have a distinct aroma. They get ‘oudh’ from agarwood resin and ‘bakhoor’ from agarwood chips. When the ‘bakhoor’ is burnt, the entire room gets filled with lovely fragrance. These are quite expensive and you will find these in any perfume shop or shopping malls. You will find varieties of Arabian attar or perfumed oil. These are essential oils that the Arabians get from plant sources. These perfumes are alcohol-free and are very popular around the world, especially among the Muslims.

Gold jewelry

When you visit Dubai, you must buy gold. You will find lots of gold products in Dubai that are cheaper than many places. The quality of gold is also good here than in other places; that’s why people prefer buying gold from here.


Dubai is well known for great spices. You will love the smell of these spices and you must bring these along with you in order to make your meals more favorable.

Electronic devices and Gadgets

Tourists usually buy lots of gadgets and electronic devices and some also opt to rent a BMW in Dubai. The main reason is that these are cheaper here than in many parts of the world. You will find the latest gadgets here. In some stores, you can get good discounts.

Shopping festivals take place in Dubai every year. If you really want to shop then you should visit Dubai during the time of these festivals. You may get huge discounts on products. Dubai is truly a shopper’s paradise.

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